Day: August 16, 2020

Why Content Marketing is Important to Your SEO EffortsWhy Content Marketing is Important to Your SEO Efforts

Both SEO and content marketing are important pillars of any effective digital strategy. According to research,around 75 percent of users don’t scroll beyond the first page of Goggle SERPs. As such,it’s important to combine both your SEO and content marketing strategies for more favorable results. This will ensure your website’s survival in the highly competitive digital landscape. However,one common misconception among digital marketers is that these two are entirely separate practices. The truth is,these two overlap a lot,and without understanding what this truly means,you’ll miss plenty of opportunities to increase your website’s traffic.

How Content Marketing Improves SERPs Ranking

No matter how confident you are with the quality of a content piece your marketing team has created,all of these efforts will simply go down the drain if it doesn’t reach your target audience. If this content piece does not show up whenever a user searches for any related information,then what is even the point? In order to drive traffic to your website,you need to optimize your content using relevant keywords that a potential customer will type in those search bars. With proper search engine optimization training,your website’s visibility will improve for the keywords you’re aiming to rank for.

Utilizing Both SEO and Content Marketing

Focusing on the importance of content marketing in your overall SEO strategy will provide fresh and highly informative content pieces containing your most valuable keywords. Instead of over-optimizing the content you currently have,proper content marketing will provide additional value to your e-commerce site.

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