Day: August 12, 2021

2002 E3 Kirby E-Reader Card Sells For $10K2002 E3 Kirby E-Reader Card Sells For $10K

An e-reader device from Kirby is among the many gaming memorabilia that have been sold for sale at ridiculous prices.

We previously reported that the rare Kirby electronic-reader was discovered and collectors want to purchase it. When we last had an inspection of the eBay auctionand it was shocking to find that the bid had reached already $6500. The bidding increased even more in the last three days of auction.

March of Empires

The cardis described as “2002 E3 Kirby eReader Card 1st Place Card (The Rarest eReader Card ) !!!)” It finally was sold for $10,600 USD. It was the result 40 bids, 15 collectors vying for the card.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

The card is worth ten-thousand dollars. It was part of a promotion during E3 2002, during which more than 100 cards were handed out on the show floor. The cards were offered in three varietiesincluding first place, second place and runner-up. The e-reader would tell you which card you were given and allow you to exchange it for a reward. There were only 10 first place cards handed out, and of course, they were to be returned for the reward. It’s possible that this was the sole card not to be usedand then leave the hall of the convention.

buying basketballs

Although the value of this one card may be shocking, this is far from the worst offender. The original copy of Super Mario 64 was sold at auction for $1.5 million earlier in the month. This is the most price a game has ever been sold for. The game The Legend of Zelda on NES was also sold at the same time for $870,000.

But, the “lucky” winner is yet to be announced and reveal the details of their purchase. Every bidder on the e-reader cards has chosen anonymity.